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Keeping it lean and clean...

There's a saying about the Windows operating system, that freshly installed, it is the fastest, best operating system there is, provided you never use it.

Humor aside, here are a few tips to help keep your Windows OS going strong for years of use:

  • Try not to install any software in the system that you don't know comes from a safe source or you know you will be using. Try to keep your system clean of extraneous or redundant software.

  • Don't install system enhancement programs or software that promises automatic system maintenance. Software like this is unpredictable and can corrupt the system, and in some cases, is even considered malware.

  • Always have a system antivirus program installed and make sure it is updating and scanning regularly.


Security is a big issue with Windows systems.  Because of its widespread use, it is continually targeted for exploitation of security holes.  That's why installing system updates, which fixes these flaws, is important as an ongoing security measure.

Take remedial action quickly when there is a change or decline in the performance of your computer system. This could be the first sign of a trojan, malware or virus beginning to infect the system.

Is your computer part of a Botnet?  Part of a zombie army under the control of spammers or worse?  Click the link below to check and find out.

Useful Links

Download the Mac Cheat Sheet, also useful for PC owners, to avoid spending hours on lost passwords or important information. I recommend you print it and fill it out, then keep it safe in a handy place. A computer technician can help make sure the information is complete and correct for you, but the important thing is to have this information available before it is needed at a critical time.

Click to download Cheat Sheet

How fast is your broadband? Use a broadband speed checker to find out when there is a problem or slow down in service.  This information is useful to know before calling your broadband service to report a problem.

Broadband Speed Checker

Test your Flash installation.  Click below to detect if your version of Flash is current and working correctly:

Test your Java installation. Click below to install or check your version of Java.

Best AV Programs for Windows

Some of the best antivirus software is available for free.  These programs have long earned recognition for their superior capability to protect and/or clean systems:

AVG Free Antivirus - This AV program protects your system without the over-load and system over-head of other similar products.

Malwarebytes - Should be installed along with your system protection antivirus program.   This program is the big gun to use immediately if you suspect something may have infected your computer.

Spybot - This product will find traces of malware that other programs may not focus on.

SUPERantispyware - This program has some great tools to use and can help initially break the attack in a severely compromised system.  

Rootkit Revealer - Helps find and remove rootkits.  Requires knowledgeable use.

HiJackThis - Reveals hooks and processes going on under the hood.  Requires advanced system knowledge to use correctly.

Combofix - A powerful process of programs so capable of cleaning your system it will not run without the Microsoft Recovery Console installed in your system.   For technical users only.  

SmitfraudFix - Helps remove the SmitFraud type of virus encountered by clicking on a hijacked website that infects your system and then tries to sell you an antivirus program to recover your system.

Useful Windows Software


adobe_reader Adobe Reader - Download and install to read pdf documents.

Click to Download


picasa Picasa - This great program downloads photos from your camera and lets you organise, edit and view your collection.

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dropbox Dropbox - Store your files online,
then retrieve or share them through mobile devices.

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skype Skype - Make voice and video calls over the Internet.

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firefox Firefox - A very popular Internet browser with lots of features.

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Last Updated: September 9, 2011