Mac vs Windows

It's all a matter of perspective...

When the time comes to get a new computer, clients will sometimes ask me which computer system they should now choose. Apple Mac or Windows PC?  

There are many practical and individual factors to consider before making this decision. Even though a Mac can now run Windows with optimal speed and stability, careful consideration should still be given to determine if it's in your best interest to migrate to a different platform. 

This page gives a lighthearted and unbiased view of both computer systems. If you are a dedicated Mac or PC user, then you probably have a perspective that will resonate with some of the points in this ongoing debate.

If you are thinking of changing over from a Mac or a PC, then this page will help you be more aware of aspects to consider.

In the end though, as one can see in the successive evolutions of Windows and OS X operating systems, David Pogue expressed it best, software continues to improve until it reaches the point where it's not usable anymore.





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Last Updated: September 9, 2011