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After Lion anything's possible...

Lion OS 10.7 has been released and some reviews have called it the dawn of a new line of operating systems.  Apps are now a part of the user interface, influenced by the success of Apple's iOS mobile system for the iPad and the iPhone.  Microsoft's Windows 8, still in development, is said to be also including apps as part of their new operating system.  

Mac OS Lion has built into its new system substantially increased security defenses against the possibility of future exploits.  Not only is malware guaranteed to be confounded by this new operating system, some users are also finding it very difficult to interface with.  

With OS Lion, Apple changed some of the user's interaction with its system to the same motions used with an iPad.  Scrolling is now reversed.  Many of these new settings can be changed back to the old way you are used to interacting with your computer, however.

Lion appears to be having problems with many Adobe productivity programs as well as other numerous issues:

Before deciding to upgrade to the latest operating system for any computer, it is always wise to research and consider first, or at least wait for patches to be available to resolve the problems and bugs inherent in the initial release.

Java is not included with Lion and must be installed separately.
Install the Java runtime engine from the link below:


The Mac system is not vulnerable to the viruses and other maladies that target the Windows platform.   In this way, it is safe from most of the afflictions that can enter a computer.

Recently however, Macs have been targeted by hijacked websites that tried to convince the Mac user to install a program called Mac Defender.  The program is immediately downloaded into the computer and if the user runs the installer, the Mac becomes infected with this malware.

Apple has issued a security fix for this type of attack in a recent Apple system update.

  • It is good practice to allow all Apple system updates to install.

  • It's important to never install an program offered to you or downloaded into your computer based on scare tactics or promises of maintenance that can be found on unknown websites. If you are not sure of a program, do research about it before installing it.

Antivirus software is not needed on a Mac. Mac antivirus software, which use signature files (updated data files) are virtually worthless.  There is nothing in the wild to update to a data file for them to scan for.  Many of these programs are poorly engineered and can actually cause harm to the stability and performance of the computer.

The only virus encountered by Macs at this point in time, is the now rare MS Office macro virus.  Clam Antivirus is the most useful antivirus program to use in this case, and it is free of charge:

In 2006 Microsoft released a tool to help detect this virus in Macintosh systems.

Useful Links

Download the Mac Cheat Sheet below to avoid spending hours on lost passwords or important information.  I recommend you print it and fill it out, then keep it safe in a handy place.  A computer technician can help make sure the information is complete and correct for you, but the important thing is to have this information available before it is needed at a critical time.

Click to download the Mac Cheat Sheet

Is your broadband having problems or slowing down?  Click the Broadband Speed Checker link below to find out.  This information is useful to know before calling your broadband service to report a problem.

Test your Flash installation.  Click below to detect if your version of Flash is current and working correctly:

Test your Java installation.  Click below to install or check your version of Java.

Shortcut Chart for Startup, Shutdown and Useful routines in Mac OS X.

Useful Software for Mac OS X

the_unarchiver The Unarchiver - For opening .sit compression files and many other archive formats.
Click to Download  
adobe_reader Adobe Reader - Download and install to read PDF documents.

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dropbox_icon Dropbox - Store your files online,
then retrieve or share them through mobile devices.

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skype Skype - Make voice and video calls over the Internet.
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Firefox - A very popular Internet browser with lots of features.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2011